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Summer Guest Blogging

This summer, I did some guest blogging for the blogs Home Front Girl and Food. Family. Ephemera. Susan Morrison and Gena Philibert-Ortega’s blogs both focus on history-Susan through her mom Joan’s wartime diary and Gena through food. I love looking at the past through different lenses. There are so many new stories to be found when you look at a familiar subject through another angle.

Susan and I co-wrote a piece on our respective relatives’ thoughts on war-torn Asia. Susan’s mom and my grandfather both describe frightening incidents. Joan references the Nanking Massacre and my grandfather depicts a long, dark night traveling through minefields. Though they’re talking about different wars, places and events, their descriptions are strikingly similar.

For Gena’s blog, I wrote about the food-related passages in  my grandfather’s memoir. I was surprised how much I learned just from his thoughts on food. The passages told me more about his living conditions, cultural identity and religious beliefs. It was a fun writing experiment, and I realized a lot of historical subtext is hidden in what we eat.

And now, time for another picture of my grandfather!


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  • November 10, 2013 - 8:22 pm | Permalink

    It has been such a pleasure to read your blog posts so far.
    I’m looking forward to reading the unfolding hiSTORY :)

  • December 7, 2013 - 11:26 am | Permalink

    Excellent premise for your blog! Best wishes!

    Welcome to the GeneaBloggers family. Hope you find the association fruitful; I sure do. I have found it most stimulating, especially some of the Daily Themes.

    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Dr. Bill
    Author of “13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories” and family saga novels in The Homeplace Series such as: “Back to the Homeplace”
    The Heritage Tourist at In-Depth Genealogist: http://www.indepthgenealogist.com/

  • September 27, 2014 - 10:14 pm | Permalink

    Thank you so much, Bill! :-)

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